Tin Man is a new  graphic novel project I am working on which is aimed at a younger audience. I think of it at The Wizard of Oz meets Edward Scissorhands meets Freaks and Geeks.

Campbell is a tin woodsman – a clunky, metal man whose sole purpose in life is to chop down trees. He longs for more, however, and decides to seek out a heart, believing that, with one, he will be able to feel things he has never felt before and, therefore, change his life. But, he quickly finds out that having a heart(and all the feelings that come with it) is more than he can handle.  Eventually Campbell decides the only place he belongs is in the junk yard, where he can just sit and rust his days away.

A young boy named Fennel stumbles upon Campbell in the junkyard and befriends him. The two become friends. When Campbell meets Fennel’s sister, Solar, he falls in love with her. Solar’s life has recently been turned upside down after her grandma’s death. She has given up on her plan to go to college and has fallen in with a troubled group of friends. Although Solar and Campbell are complete opposites, they find common emotional ground and help each work through their respective problems.