My latest graphic novel  project is CARBON.

The city-state of Carbon has been a safe haven for Seers (people with psychic abilities) for years. It is a place where Seers can work, raise families, go to school and live mostly normal lives. It is a place where they can fit in and contribute to a society, knowing that their rights will be protected. Or, at least, that was the case before Governor Heaton was elected. Now he seeks to rid Carbon of Seers and make his city “pure” again.

There are pro-Seer protests at the capitol every day. The mayor of Carbon, a known Seer-supporter, has gone missing.  The once thriving city-state is at a breaking point.

Our story follows a small number of Carbon residents, each affected by the tumultuous events of the city and each dealing with their own life issues and dramas.

CARBON will be a five-issue series.


The first threebooks are finished and available for purchase HERE.