About Just Mad Books

If I was making music, Just Mad Books would be my record company name.  Of course, putting the word “books” in one’s record company name would surely confuse some people and perhaps intrigue a few others.  But, none of that really matters, seeing as how I don’t make music.  I make comics.  Picture books.  Graphic novels.  Illustrated works of fiction.  Whatever you prefer to call them.  It really doesn’t matter to me.

About Me

What does matter to me is that you and many others like you (and unlike you) read my comics (or whatever you insist on calling them).  My comics are, in a very real way, my lifeline to the outside world.  An ever-diligent hermit, I have planted stakes in a too-small town in middle Wisconsin, where it snows a lot and people seem continually sullen.  Or maybe that’s just my perception.  I much prefer my perception of things to the reality of things anyway.  Way more interesting.

Aside from spending many back-aching hours hunched over my drawing table, I do some other stuff.  Like eat food and walk around and sleep.

I don’t really like people but I like people’s messed up problems and issues. They are fun to make comics about.

My wife, daughter and son put up with me.

Thank Christ.