So, yeah, it’s been awhile, huh? So, what’s going on? Anything?

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to (both comics and non-comics related):

So, I just finished up a weekend at Wizard World Chicago, trying my best to get Breathers into some people’s hands. It went okay. Not the success of the previous year, which was a bit of a disappointment, but, I dunno, I guess the show is sorta losing steam, or something. I did get to spend three long days watching costumed…individuals (I really wanted to write “weirdos”) walking past my table. Fat guys dress up as Mario, skinny guys dress up as Doctor Who. I did not dress up. But I did survive the weekend and sold some (not many) books. I may have to think twice about attending next year.  We shall see.

In non-comics news, I now have a son. A 3-month old dude named Lincoln. He is a pretty good sleeper, so he’s alright with me. I now have a daughter and a son and a dog. The perfect family, right?

I have been working on a new comics project, although not as diligently as I would like. It will be a long work, much like BREATHERS, with lots of characters and plot lines. It is called CARBON, which is the name of the city the story takes place in. It’s gonna be about psychics, politics (the corrupt kind, of course), personal relationships and a kidnapped girl. I’m really excited about this book and cannot wait to put pencil to page on this baby. Right now I am working to plot out the entire story, carefully and strategically, to avoid any pitfalls later on. I do not like pitfalls. I will do my best to keep updates coming on the progress of CARBON, so stay tuned.